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Welcome to the SS RU Good Cores thread! A core is 2-3 Pokémon who have a significant amount of synergy with one another, able to help one another overcome their checks. In this thread, you can share cores you find effective as both a resource to new players, and to old players looking for something to build around. Offensive cores are comprised of Pokémon who effectively wear down one another's checks or take advantage of them in some way. Defensive cores are Pokémon that can work together defensively answer a large portion of the metagame. Balanced cores are typically something in between, like a breaker and a Pokémon capable of defensively answering its checks. All of these will be listed together in the archive, as there aren't likely to be enough cores to justify separating them.

Cores posted here must follow a few rules:
1) Every core must be tested to ensure that they perform well in the metagame. As such, including replays is recommended to further support the validity of your core.
2) Try to keep slashes to a minimum.
3) Include a short, concise description or explanation of the core, which should contain the following information:
- The type of the core (Offensive, Balance or Defensive)
- How the core functions
- How to use the core itself

Please include the following when submitting a core:
1) Provide the sprites and names of the Pokémon that make up your core.
2) Include the sets for your Pokémon (preferably in a pokepaste or using hide tags).
3) Write up a short description of how the core functions.

Cores will be added to the archive if I think they're viable enough, and follow the guidelines above. I also reserve the right to delete posts that don't follow said guidelines.
Looks like this thread is in need of some fresh content since the August tier shifts. Guess I'll get the ball rolling :zonger:

(click for sets)
This defensive core has felt super nice. I've waxed lyrical about it on Discord and elsewhere on the forum, but Dragalge is so good in the tier rn. I've been enjoying PhysDef Dragalge paired with TSpikes + Dragon Tail in particular so you can spread poison and be annoying. The defensive EVs plus Lefties allow you to survive some random 2HKOs, giving additional chances to spread spikes and proc Poison Point against fliers/Boots users. I haven't figured out what Galge's best Tera type is yet (nor do I think it's worth Terastalizing most of the time since its typing comes in clutch), but Tera Psychic has come in handy a few times against Armarouge, Gallade and Espeon which can otherwise be problematic for this team.

Rotom-H does Rotom-H things and is generally a great glue mon and pivot. I like Hex since it has nice synergy with TSpikes and Wisp. It also allows you to become somewhat less of a sitting duck against mons like Kilowattrel, Bellibolt, and Palossand. Tera Ghost allows you to spinblock and power up Hex as well.

Meanwhile, Wo-Chien - especially Tera Fairy Wo-Chien - is a fat hell demon. Leech Seed, Knock Off and Ruination allow you to wear stuff like Diancie, Sylveon and Tyranitar down very quickly. I've explored Tera Poison and Ghost as other options, but Fairy has felt the best so far since the types it's weak to can be handled by the other members of the core. I also find Wo-Chien's other Tera options can create opportunities for Ground types (particularly Krook) or Dark/Ghost types (Weavile, Tyranitar, Typhlosion-H) to penetrate the core.

So far the biggest problems for this core have been Staraptor, Salazzle, Delphox and Gardevoir, so having additional team support to handle those threats is definitely important.

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